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  1. House hunting before getting pre-approved by a lender.
  2. Not investigating the neighborhood thoroughly before buying.
  3. Buying a home without a professional house inspection.
  4. Making an offer without having a market analysis done to determine a fair market value.
  5. Not prearranging for Homeowners Insurance.
  6. Accepting a verbal agreement. All contractual agreements must be in writing to be valid.
  7. Signing documents before reviewing them in detail.
  8. Not using the assistance of a Licensed Real Estate Agent who can best determine a fair market value and negotiate the contract on your behalf.


  1. Contact a DHAKAHOMES.BIZ Professional.
  2. Consult with a lender and obtain a letter of pre-approval so you will better know what price home you can buy.
  3. Make a wish list for your new home including square feet, location, age etc. This will help your DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional find you the perfect home!
  4. Clear your calendar so that the time you have scheduled with your real estate agent is devoted exclusively to finding your new home and at DHAKAHOMES.BIZ, our real estate professionals will do the same for you!
  5. Sit down with your DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional BEFORE heading out to look at properties. This way you can narrow down to the ones that best suit your needs and make the best use of your time.
  6. Once you have found a home, your DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional will assist you in reviewing and preparing the necessary documents. We will read through each document with you before signing so that you fully understand what the terms of the contract are.
  7. Your DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional will assist you throughout the entire home buying process including finding a lender, an inspector, and Escrow officer, negotiate any changes to the contract and be there for you whenever you have a question.


Click here to ask a DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional your questionsClick here for information on Buyers Representation

Click here to ask a DHAKAHOMES.BIZ real estate professional your questions.

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